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Our Approach

Dogmazon is a dog product review website built for a pet owner to gain access to more information without all of the noise. You can be feeding your bet the wrong food for months if not years, and how would you ever know? Like any pet owner, takes a trip to the local pet store (most likely a corporation) and asks for the "associates" recommendation. Do the research before going into the store and making a mistake on behalf of your pet. After all, dogs do so much for us in our life, we owe them the proper products. Find out more at

Our Story

Every pet owner embarks on a journey the first day they take home their puppy, rescue their furry friend, or adopts. The moment they step in the door our lives are changed forever. Give your dog the best life they will live with the research does for you.

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If you'd like us to do a little more research and recommend the proper products for your dog based on breed, health problems, or maybe the comfort. Email us today!